Insurance Coverage for PRP and Stem Cell Treatments

Revitalife offers partially insurance based regenerative medicine treatments for the most part.

For most treatments, insurance will cover some of the cost of therapy.”**. If insurance does not cover the particular treatment, Revitalife has affordable options for self pay.

Insurance List:

  • All PPO Plans
  • Medicare
  • Tricare

For those individuals who have an HMO or Medicaid, Revitalife does not accept these plans. Self pay discounts are available for the treatments offered.

**The diagnosis codes accepted for reimbursement vary by insurer and are not consistent.  Typically the kits utilized for harvest and for PRP therapy are not covered by insurance and are fee for service (paid by patient) CMS and many PPO’s do not pay for the kits and those will be the responsibility of the patient.

Insurance Covered Stem Cell Therapy