Using Stem Cell Therapy to Avoid Joint Replacement

You may have been evaluated recently for a hip or knee problem and told that you’re a good candidate for joint replacement surgery. This type of surgery has become quite common; however it should not be entered into lightly due to the fact that it is invasive, complications may occur, and the time needed for recovery and rehabilitation is fairly lengthy.Avoid Knee Replacement

There are other options, such as stem cell therapy, that can be used to possibly improve your situation. Stem cell procedures are safe, outpatient, and there is no down time. In weighing stem cell therapy versus joint replacement, there are some important to factors to consider.

Process of Joint Replacement

The joint replacement process is a complicated one. It is considered to be major surgery and the implants are not meant to last forever. Considering the nature of the surgery and the possible complications, it is best to look at hip and knee replacement as an absolute last resort.

The surgery involves making a large incision in the body and removing and completely replacing a bone. Depending on the situation, it takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months to recover from the surgery. Usually, immediately following the operation, there’s a rehabilitative period of four to 10 days. While hip and knee replacement have high levels of success, the implants are not meant to last forever. Revision surgery is typically less successful than the first go around.

Along with a lengthy period of recuperation, the operation increases one’s chance of stroke and heart attack. In addition, there’s the negative effect of wear particles on the patient. Wear particles are created when the artificial joint is in use. These enter into the body and can create various problems, including bone loss, which can limit the longevity of the artificial joint.

Stem Cell ClinicStem Cell Therapy Procedure

Many doctors are turning to stem cell therapy as a safe, relatively noninvasive, and simple solution for knee and hip problems. The procedure associated with this therapy involves harvesting stem cell’s from the patient’s body and concentrating them.

They are then injected into the problem area where they are able to reduce inflammation while supporting the body’s reparative process by encouraging the rapid growth of cartilage and tissue. Many patients who undergo stem cell therapy enjoy increased functionality in the region, a lessening of symptoms associated with joint problems, and an overall improvement in their ability to enjoy daily activities.

The Simpler the Better?

Stem cell therapy involves less risk, pain and discomfort, and time than joint replacement surgery. It is also less expensive and complicated. Plus, if you are not pleased with the results offered by the stem cell process, you may always opt to have the surgery performed, but you cannot elect to undergo the more extensive process of joint replacement and then decide to partake of the procedure utilizing stem cells. Working with a qualified Florida stem cell doctor can provide you with optimum results and minimum inconvenience, pain, and anxiety.

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